Tools and Resources

Bookseller Networking 

One of the primary goals of Indies Forward is to provide networking opportunities for booksellers outside of the trade shows. In order to connect booksellers across the country in an ongoing conversation, we're using Facebook to create a space for exchanging in-store ideas (from merchandising to events), discussing educational programming, and supporting activism and diversity in our stores and our industry. Check out the group here. (Please note that our Facebook group is reserved for booksellers at this time.)

Bookstore Activism

In response to a widespread call for an industry-wide discussion of political action at Winter Institute 12, Indies Forward has teamed with independent booksellers from around the country to create a catalog of resources and action points for navigating in, and responding to, our divisive political climate.

Using notes from a special session called on  January 30, 2017, at Winter Institute, the organizers of Indies Forward have compiled a Google Doc featuring ideas and resources from the many booksellers who attended. The intention is for this to serve as a living document, to which interested booksellers will be invited to contribute.