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We are currently seeking booksellers to represent their region in the American Bookseller's Association or to simply participate and benefit from Indies Forward. 

Bookstores have long been called to walk the fine line between political action and community. We have, time and again, stood up to threats against the freedoms of speech and expression, while welcoming people of all backgrounds and points of view. At times when fear and anger have been the dominant forces in our national rhetoric, when division has been the common theme in our cultural narrative, independent bookstores have so often served as sanctuaries for those who seek reasoned and civil discourse, and the free exchange of ideas.

In this new political era, we have, as an industry, expressed a desire to continue this work – and to take a principled, formidable stand for diversity in our communities, amongst our staff, and in the voices found on our shelves. With the creation of a focused discussion space, Indies Forward intends to help booksellers from around the United States guide their ideas into action.

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